A selection of useful suggestions
New conditions for products and services
Foreign card
Premium on deposit
MIR Supreme has become more accessible
Free taxi
Hotel holidays at a discount
Business halls
On MTS Deposit interest in advance or surcharge to rate
Interest in advance or surcharge to the rate on MTSContribution

• For MTS Bank Private customers, there is a permanent surcharge on deposit rates
• New option — interest on deposit in advance. You can get a return on deposit on opening day and keep assets on deposit
Get a foreign bank card
For online purchases, paying for subscriptions to services, traveling around the world. Card issue  — from $250.
Discount on holidays in Cosmos Group hotels
8% by special promo code — details from personal manager
Extended the campaign "Taxi at our expense"
We will compensate up to 4 taxi rides with a balance on accounts of $15 500
Comfortable business halls
Unlimited visits for you and 5 guests
Business halls of airports and railway stations around the world
Conditions for card:

  • 7% cashback in cafes and restaurants
  • 2% cashback for all purchases
  • up to 30% cashback from the MIR payment system
  • free transfers by card number and phone
  • number free cash withdrawal
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